Again, experience is a relevant factor in Urola Processing Division's offer. More than 30 years in the sector provides us with a vision and development which has led us to the most competitive solutions, both in blown packaging and every type of injection and extrusion parts.

The synergy with our Machinery Division also allows us to always have the best technical resources thereby obtaining a better product.

Blow moulding

Blow moulding

We manufacture packages both by extrusion-blowing and by stretch-blowing, as well as standard packages and custom designs.

  • Standard container range
    PE/HD/LD packages with standard dimensions and colors.
  • Customer's containers
    The container is designed based on the customer's requirements and the mould is built accordingly to produce the containers.


The container's 100% air tightness is tested during the manufacturing process.

Our packaging is approved for dangerous goods (A.D.R.). We also have official UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.



Packages for food produced in harmony with the good practices of manufacture and hygiene required in packages that come into contact with foods.

Automotive / Engine oil
Containers in different colors are manufactured with own designs of the client, applying any type of decoration.

Detergents and cleaning products
Production of containers adapted to any type of closure, either standard or special.

Containers made of HDPE, PP or PVC and with special additives to bear different chemical products. Containers up to 25 L.

Custom development
The collaboration with our clients allows us to develop bespoke projects, perform the appropriate test and approve the final product.




At Urola we develop any container/part or project together with the client, bearing in mind the different factors involved:

  • Container Design
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Mould/machinery dimensioning
  • Costing Optimization

To do so, we undertake: The necessary tests, prototype moulds, trials and project approval.

Manufacturing for special measurements

We manufacture facilities for PET and extrusion-blowing, adapting them to your needs.

Transport and logistics

We have facilities for vast product stocks as well as a flexible delivery service.